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An individual that is a client of J Matrik is generally looking to accomplish the following:

  • Accumulating wealth so they can retire
  • Balance current spending with their long-term goals
  • Have the proper insurance in place should disability occur
  • Have estate planning documents, such as a health care directive and durable power of attorney, and have proper beneficiary designations

We help them by monitoring their asset allocation, providing actionable strategies for reducing their tax burden, assessing their level of insurance and the premium level, and reviewing their documents. We work with their other advisors, such as accountants and attorneys, to make sure they are getting proper advice and implementing it.

Their needs may change over time. They may get married, or remarried, or decide that they want to pursue a different career. As they approach retirement we develop an income plan and bucket their portfolio to make sure that money needed in the short-term is not affected by the stock market, but that money that is needed many years in the future is invested for growth.

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